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You Can Make This Happen For Your Children

Help your child do better in school, 
get along with others and behave better at home.Your child will feel better about himself or herself and will take more pride in their own behavior.

Affirmations are powerful conscious and subconscious motivators of behavior. This CD includes 146 positive affirmations to help children, ages 6 to 14, feel better, develop self-confidence and self-esteem, become more responsible about following rules at home and school and to become more mature about his or her behavior. Your child will focus his or her attention better, increase their self control and reduce their anger.

All the affirmations are repeated in two styles. The first is "I am..." and the second is "You are...". They are repeated continuously for almost 30 minutes.

Some of the affirmations are:

        I follow directions.
        You stay calm.
        I learn quickly and easily.
        You like to help others.
           I'm a good person.
        You are careful.
        I obey the rules.
        You finish what you start.

Depending on the child, you can just let them listen to the CD, play the affirmations in the background while they are playing and/or turn it on after they go to sleep and let it play all night.

Parents have reported significant improvement in their children's behavior, usually, in less than 3 weeks of using this CD.

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