Dr. Thomas Yarnell
Clinical Psychologist
Life Coach
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Detox Your Mind
Eliminate Procrastination With Hypnosis

By releasing these thoughts and feelings, you will become healthier, you will feel happier, stronger and more confident. You will be more successful and will be physically and emotionally healthier, more peaceful and stress free.

As long as you hold onto a negative feeling like anger, fear, jealousy or guilt about someone or some situation, you are emotionally tied to it. Having a negative tie keeps you from growing and moving on emotionally. You are still a slave to that situation.

This CD includes two complete 30 minute visualization exercises to empower you to overcome your negative thoughts and feelings.

One exercise is the guided visualization while the second is the guided visualization with hypnosis. Medical research has shown that hypnosis is perfectly safe and is one of the best ways of getting rid of negative habits and feelings. Use one or both on a regular basis and you will detox your mind. You will feel your depression, anger, fear, guilt, self-pity and jealousy melt away leaving you in control of your life and happier.

This CD is especially useful for anyone who has gone through or is currently going through a divorce, having a bad relationship or who is in a negative home or work situation.

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Negative thoughts and feelings are junk food for your mind.
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