Dr. Thomas Yarnell
Clinical Psychologist
Life Coach
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Lose Weight With Hypnosis
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Eliminate Procrastination With Hypnosis

Self-Hypnosis is one of the most powerful personal growth and self-improvement skills you can learn.

Hypnosis is perfectly safe. It is simply a deeply relaxed state where you are more receptive to suggestions. Medical research has shown that hypnosis is perfectly safe and one of the best ways to change habits. With self-hypnosis, the suggestions come from you. You produce only what you want.

Produce the hypnotic trance any time and any place you choose. You will take control of your own mind and body.

Track 1: A complete hypnosis session where Dr. Yarnell puts you into a trance, gives you suggestions for going into the trance by yourself and then he brings you back to a fully awake state.

Track 2: Practice hypnosis trance. Dr. Yarnell assists you in going into the trance by yourself and coming out by yourself. While in the trance he deepens it and gives more suggestions for going deeper and for going in by yourself.

Dr. Yarnell's booklet, "Applications of Self-Hypnosis", is included free and gives you the suggestions to use to:

* Build self-confidence and self-esteem;
* Reduce and remove pain;
* Stop smoking;
* Lose weight;
* Cure insomnia;
* Increase memory and concentration;
* Improve skills;
* Problem solving;
* Reduce and remove anxiety and fear;
* Develop creativity.

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