Dr. Thomas Yarnell
Clinical Psychologist
Life Coach
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Affirmations For Children
Visualizations For Children
Affirmations For Adults
Lose Weight With Hypnosis
Preliminal Weight Loss
Detox Your Mind
Eliminate Procrastination With Hypnosis

Program Your Mind To Take Action
The Key Is To Eliminate Your Subconscious Blocks
To Your Being Successful
Stop Procrastination - End Avoidance

Stop Procrastination - End Fear and Anxiety
The power of hypnosis to eliminate and change bad habits into good ones has been proven over and over. Dr. Yarnell's powerful CD will eliminate your procrastination and guide you into success habits so you will take charge of your career, your relationships and your life.

Be A Winner, Accomplish Your Goals, And Find Success
Dr. Yarnell's "Eliminate Procrastination" CD program will make you self-confident, assertive and proud of your new abilities. You will complete the projects you want and quickly move ahead both in your career and your personal life too.

If you are tired of failing, this is the program for you.

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Have A Great Day, Everyday
Stop Smoking With Hypnosis
Energize Your Life
12 Minute Stress Release