1.  When I complete a task, large or small, I feel proud of my accomplishment.

2.  I can act independently without constantly having to check things out with other people.

3.  I feel optimistic about things I start and about life in general.

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4.  I have a good sense of humor and I'm able to laugh at myself.

5.  I feel comfortable in social situations.

6.  I accept compliments gracefully.  I don't get embarrassed or try to deny what I'm being complimented for.  "Your dress is pretty.  Oh, this old thing."

7.  I praise others for what they've accomplished.  I don't feel jealous or envious.  I recognize there's enough for everyone.

8.  I assume responsibility for my own thoughts, feelings and behavior.  I don't try to blame others for what I think, feel or do.

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9.  I'm able to accept responsibility in situations where I'm asked to assume a leadership role.  This doesn't mean I automatically do everything I'm asked to do.  I do, however, accept responsibility for those tasks I accept and agree to do.

10.  I approach and accept new challanges with enthusiasm.

11.  I know I'm a worthehile person.  I keep the feeling even when I make a mistake or when others are putting me down.

12.  I know I'm in control of my life.

13.  I'm capable of expressing my thoughts, feelings, beliefs and desires to others.

14.  I'm able to tolerate the frustration I feel when something gets in my way, slows me down or distracts me from the direction I'm going in.

15.  I can count on myself to find a solution to the problems that confront me.  I don't fall apart or waste my time wallowing in self-pity.    
The higher your self-esteem, the happier and more successful you will be in living your life.  It is possible that by just changing a few characteristics, your self-esteem and self-confidence will begin to become more positive.  Use the techniques discussed in this newsletter to help yourself grow happier and healthier.  
Thomas D. Yarnell, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
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