Thomas D. Yarnell, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Life Coach
Dr. Yarnell has over 40 years of experience in Clinical Psychology.  He has been an Assistant Professor of Psychology at a university, the Clinical Director of a mental health center and a consultant to numerous school districts. He works as a "crisis intervention consultant" for banks, hospitals and police departments. 

At the current time, he is Chief Psychologist at The Counseling Center and works with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

Dr. Yarnell is also a trained Master Hypnotist. During these 40 years, he has been involved with holistic health and the use of guided visualizations and imagery techniques, both with and without hypnosis, for personal development, emotional growth and self-healing. He is currently a member of the International Society for Mental Health Online.

For the past 6 years he has also been a Life Coach helping individuals break out of their mold and become more successful in all areas of their life..

He is the author of the PSYCHOLOGY & YOU NEWSLETTER . The articles he writes cover a wide variety of self-help and personal growth subjects. There will be articles you can use to help yourself, help your children, help your spouse and help your friends. He also writes a blog called BE SUCCESSFUL NOW. This includes shorter self-help tidbits that are published more often.

Dr. Yarnell also produces self-help and personal growth and development CDs. His production company is called Self-Help Solutions. To explore his CDs, CLICK HERE.
Every month he will dig out a few good self-help and personal growth books or CDs and will list them for you. Click here to go to Dr. Yarnell's recommended "Books of the month".